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State Government

Developing secure, custom software solutions for complex challenges.

We take complex software problems and create realistic, actionable technology strategies that define the path to progress and results.

Mainstream partners with governmental agencies and organizations to modernize and secure their technology systems and processes while avoiding system downtime and meeting project goals and timelines.

Our highly diversified and experienced software development team shares more than 15 years of experience working with state and local government agencies that rely on fast, consistent access for mission-critical service to American citizens. We understand the procurement process and administrative issues you face, and how to overcome them to still get the job done for you.

“Mainstream is excellent at digging in to understand the intent of the programs. If you don’t understand the business process, you really don’t know if the program is working correctly.”

How Can Mainstream Help Me?

State Education

From school accreditation and report cards to certification systems and custom interfaces, Mainstream has more than a decade of experience providing solutions for a wide range of educational practices. Our dedicated team does not believe in a “one size fits all” software solution for education. We customize and develop your project in-house to provide flexible, secure and integrated solutions for your unique needs.

Hear From Our Clients

Listen to Andy Sullivan, Director of Licensure at the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), as he shares his experience working with the Mainstream team on ADE’s educator effectiveness tracking tool which ensures high-quality, reliable teachers across the state of Arkansas.

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See Our Skills at Work

Watch a demo of our Custom Educator Portal. We developed this application to allow users to apply for a new license, renew a license, add an area or add National Board Certification in one easy-to-use location.

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Public Safety

From unsustainable annual cost increases and limited support options to poorly structured and inadequately documented software, the team at Mainstream understands the challenges facing those within the public safety industry. We have extensive experience in developing custom solutions with innovative technologies to address inefficiencies and solve even the most complex problems.

See Our Skills at Work

The team at Mainstream replaced the Arkansas Crime Information Center’s (ACIC) aging technology with a custom Computerized Criminal History (CCH) application. Download our case study about how our solution resulted in more than $1 million saved for the ACIC.


Public Sector

Meticulous internal processes and difficult regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges those in the public sector industry often face, while also trying to identify software solutions that are both agile and secure. For more than 15 years, the team at Mainstream has been designing and building custom software solutions with advanced systems, automation and the latest technologies for state and local government agencies.

Ready for a Transformation?

Let us help you embark on your next transformation by investing in process efficiency improvement to amplify, magnify and generate ROI.

Business Knowledge

We identify your unique business challenges so we can provide the best solution possible.


Evolve from batch-processing to real-time reliability, availability and security.

Seamless Migration

When public safety is at stake, minimizing downtime is crucial. System launches are designed to be painless.


Frequently Asked Questions

My application is on an aging technology platform, so it’s difficult to find support staff. Can Mainstream Technologies help to bring it up to date?

If you find yourself trying to staff a support team for an aging platform but your resource pool is shrinking, modernizing your platform might be in order. The Mainstream Technologies team will evaluate your current platform and design a solution that specifically addresses your needs.

I’m experiencing a spike in my workload and can’t keep up with software updates for our users. How can Mainstream Technologies help?

Mainstream Technologies can implement a customized system to deliver software features to your users in a timely manner and allow you to focus on current projects.

I’d love to improve our company’s IT system, but I don’t have the staff or know-how. Can Mainstream Technologies help us implement the new features we need?

Mainstream is passionate about solving business challenges with technology. Whether the need is to add features to an existing application or build a completely new solution, the Mainstream Way gives you the flexibility and experience you need to lay the groundwork for delivering new features faster than ever before.

I have to micromanage my staff/contractors. Can Mainstream help to replace a specialized team?

If your development team needs micromanaging, Mainstream has the ability to put an experienced team together with diverse skills and years of business process experience.

My developers don’t understand our business processes. What makes Mainstream’s development team different?

Mainstream’s team has a diverse background delivering solutions in a variety of industries. Our team of “expert generalists” can give your organization an edge.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mainstream is always responsive to our needs in a timely manner. They are mindful and considerate of State resources without compromising the quality of their work.

Karli SaraciniArkansas Department of Education

Mainstream came highly regarded and they've been extremely good at digging in to understand what that intent of the programs truly are.

Operation AdministratorGovernment Agency

The software that Mainstream helped us deliver has saved our customers in the last 5 years, in excess of $100 Million.

Greg HolderTraverse Systems

I have been infinitely pleased with the work, product and the results.

Brad CazortArkansas Crime Information Center

It's also a huge bonus that he can tap into other Mainstream resources for advice on technical issues and challenges.

AnonymousNationally Recognized Private Sector Enterprise

Mainstream met with the senior staff and spent time with the actual users of the system to understand what they do on a daily basis.

Operations ManagerGovernment Agency

The high-quality resources provided by Mainstream are critical to the success of our projects.

Carder HawkinsArkansas Insurance Department